At We Do 4 U handyman services, we understand the importance of a quality roof for not only appearance, but functionality. Our roofing Mckinney TX services cover everything from roof repair to new roof installation. Whether you need a full roof installation, a roofing remodel, or a roofing repair, we have got you covered. Give us a call for a free quote and to get started on your roof with We Do 4 U handyman today!

Tailored Roofing Plans


It appears we are going to have a rainy year. Roof replacement storm chasers will be out knocking on your doors soon. Rather that fall victim to them soliciting your business, all We Do 4U Handyman & Construction Services to help you find the right roofing replacement that suits your needs and budget. We have a tailored service that may be more reasonable. You have options. If a roof replacement is what you need We Do 4U can get the job done so you don’t have to. Of course if a full roof replacement is not necessary we can spot the shingles that may be subject to failure. We can do single roof shingle replacement or multiple roof replacements. It’s up to you.

Book a Consultation. Let us come by and look at it. Quotes are free and we want to earn your business. We won’t up sell you if you don’t need the full replacement.

Chimney Repair Mckinney TX


Chimney repair is on the rise here in Collin County and Mckinney TX. A leak in your chimney can be a huge nuisance, especially during the winter. It is hard to believe it would take over ten years for the problem to be evident. A short time ago a customer called us and said his chimney was leaking into the house. It had been for a while and mold started to form. The photo to the right shows why the chimney was leaking. The chimney had been covered with OSB (Oriented Strand Board). It is a shame but half of the houses built in this subdivision have this problem. It is not a matter of if this problem will occur but when. This problem is severe and could cause health problems. It was time for a Handyman Leak Repair. Below I will show pictures of this problem.

To solve this problem we stripped the chimney of any and all signs of rot and water damage. It includes:

  • Removing all of the siding. (Most of it we salvaged to save money)
  • Replaced all studs that were deteriorated from water damage

Step One

Removal of OSB and replace studs as well as remove the flashing for the beginning of chimney repair.

Step Two

Replacing the rotted OSB with new OSB and then fix the flashing. 

Step Three

Put moisture barrier over OSB and then sealing the corners with moisture resistant tape.