Periodic Home Inspections Are a Great Idea


Handyman Maintenance Inspections are a vital part of seeing the imperfections before they become larger problems. If not for home inspections the problems wouldn’t exist…..or would they? Allowing a problem to get bigger is not something you do in budgeting your household. Why would you let it get to that extent right? We model our Home Maintenance Inspections after the same home inspection the inspector does before the sale of your home. These are the tasks the buyer may actually want repaired before closing on the home.

Okay so you are not selling your home. Do you have a task list of things to repair or improve? Do what to look for? Personally I keep a list of things to do and plan them accordingly. A task list is necessary for good home maintenance.

The importance of a good home inspection is to recognize the inadequacies in functionality and appearance. For example: Fascia board is just behind your gutter. If it is rotted and you can’t see it because the gutter is in the way, the damage could also have caused soffit board damage. An amp reading of all circuits under a maximum load will give you much information on the quality of your power distribution from the breaker box.