Techniques to Improve Air Conditioner Performance


Air conditioner cleaning is required because the coils at the condenser are  located outside of the home and it must be one of the most important handyman home maintenance responsibilities.

The coils will become soiled by debris, dirt, residue, dust and yes even bacteria. As a result, this can add up to a thermal barrier. In addition, it will cause your coils and air conditioner to operate much harder. In conclusion, it puts needless wear and tear on your system. However, by running a clean air conditioner condenser, the result will be two-fold, efficiency and functionality. Logically if a condenser unit is running efficiently, the house cools at an easier pace. As a result, then the functionality is more consistent. In other words, power consumption will be less driving the cost of cooling your house to be less.

A good handyman is notably on top of this. My company owns a CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management Software) that will easily alert both my customer and myself of when it is time for each cleaning, by sending an email. Air Conditioner Maintenance is a high priority and we can develop a plan to get ahead of any unnecessary breakdowns saving while you money in efficiency and functionality.

We can arrange for your bi-annual Air Conditioner Condenser Cleaning from $150.00 annually. This is a vital service and the time is now.