Are you in need of a Handyman Bathroom Remodeling? You have come to the right place. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen can get the job done. To the right is a bathroom remodeling we finished 02/16/2020. We enlarged the shower a full 11 inches and relocated the drain to the center of their new shower. We lowered the half wall so the sunlight from the window would bring out the natural essence of the natural stone and opened up the room quite a bit. Next we will be moving on to new paint, new cabinets, and a Custom Master Closet Restoration fit for a king.

Handyman Bathroom Remodeling brings new character to a room and makes for a pleasant experience. The Custom Master Closet Restoration will include new cedar fixtures with tongue and groove lap board with custom trim and molding. This is already in the process and should only take another 1 or so as we have already built the cabinets and installed them.

I used a special software (Sketch Up) to design and implement the build of both the Handyman Bathroom Remodeling and the Custom Master Closet Restoration. The customer is also deciding on the cabinet restoration for the bathroom as well.

Below I have added so photos of Handyman Bathroom Remodeling we have done in the past several years. If you like our work please register with the site ( We only send emails when we offer a discount on our services so don’t worry about spam ). Also, go to our SERVICES page and schedule an online Appointment.