Alex Franco

Alex Franco

Chief Installer

Alex is chief installer of all things automated and wearer of many hats. He installs T.V. Mounts, Home Automation Products and Checks Systems Out, Sound Systems for homes and offices. In addition he…

  • He does Interior and Exterior Assembly of furniture and office equipment
  • He also participates in our finish carpentry services and remodeling.
  • He helps on minor plumbing work, ceiling fan installations, landscape lighting, storage shed assemblies, picture hanging, and framing carpentry.
  • Contributor to make ready projects for client who own properties by ensuring all repairs and adjustments are made for incoming renters
  • He has a limited role in internet marketing as well

He is an around-the-clock guy and can accommodate most schedules rigorous or relaxed. I met Alex on a Home Automation Job in Highland Park. He is a tedious worker and has an amazing sense of detail. He and my daughter are engaged to me married in 2020. I am pleased that Alex has not only joined the team but will be joining the family this year.

Alex is a native of McKinney, Texas and serves as a dedicated leader in McKinney. He leads our community initiatives for Hearts and Hammers projects. We are lucky to have him.