Bill Jones

President and Founder

Bill has been a handyman literally since birth. Practicing Electrical Engineering since 1984 led way to powerful knowledge and Six Sigma exposure.Listening is his most powerful tool when it comes to offering the best advice available. Please call him for your consultation. (469) 551-9966

(469) 551-9966

Who We Are

How Handyman Work Began For Us

I’ll start by telling you how handyman work became a part of who we are. After that, you will understand the ethic you can expect from us.

WE Do 4 U Handyman & Construction Services began as a dream back in 1972. My mother and father played a huge role in teaching me the ins and outs, the importance, and aesthetics of home repair and maintenance. While my father traveled earning a living 4 days per week, mom was left with a tight budget and skills that she learned from her parents. These were skills that trickled down to me. Mom was very handy and could do almost anything. Patching drywall holes, fixing electrical outlets, and painting were just a few of her many skills. She patiently taught those tricks of the trade to each one of her children. In addition, these skills I would learn to master.

Setting The Handyman Foundation

In 1979 my Freshman year in high school began by learning finish carpentry. By 1980 I was handling small jobs on my own installing Base Molding (Baseboards). When 1982 rolled around Wainscot Paneling, Crown Molding, and Coffered Ceilings were added to my list of skills. By 1983 Starving Student Syndrome set in and the opportunity to learn plumbing and electrical apprenticing became a valuable source of income.

Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Fast forward to the end of my Sophomore year… Jesse Helms introduced a career change at a fund raiser to change degree path to Government. “Get a law degree and become a lobbyist on Capital Hill”, he said.. But, this career change was not to be. While discussing those options, Dad smiled, hugged me, and said, “Good Luck with that”. Lesson #1- Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Two weeks later my tuition wasn’t paid. Dale Reagan mentor from High School in Jacksonville, Florida, came to the rescue offering enrollment and scholarship to Florida State University in 1983. During the fall of that year through the end of Spring Semester of 1984 I worked as a Handyman to pay for my tuition and books. My teacher gave me room and board. She was a linguistics expert and taught me that listening was the key to communication. As a result, I Learned Lesson #2- Communication is all about listening!

Fresh New Handyman Beginning

Working for GE for many years helped culminate a great work ethic. Friends, and new acquaintances offered me odd jobs as a handyman. As a result, my decision to return to my old love of Handyman Services was obvious. Lesson # 3- “Dance with the one that brought you”.


Life’s lessons are all about learning. I have learned these lessons well and it has made me, perhaps, the most unique handyman ever. Our hope is you will allow us to bring our services to you. Count on us providing quality service by professionalism, expect we’ll listen to you with interest, and never forget that you brought us here to what we are today. Just a few lessons learned the hard way!


Bill Jones

Principles of Our Work

  • Your Repair Professional
    I have always been that person who can fix anything. Repair knowledge is not enough without skills. From woodworking to electrical installation, I have fostered all of the skills you need for household repairs and improvements.

  • Renovation at a Fair Price
    Whether you need a major repair, a renovation, or to check off a list of honey-dos, I can deliver professional skills at a fair price. It is our highest priority to get the job done right the first time on every assignment.

  • Individualized Repair Options
    You can expect a full consultation to explain available options. In addition, you can choose the service that’s right for your home or business. We strive  to meet your project’s needs and also to prevent potential problems in the future.

  • Handyman Services
    Our commitment to excellence has earned us a valuable reputation as a handyman services. Please click the button below to learn more about our spectacular services.

Have a project for us?

We Do 4 U Handyman & Construction Services is available to listen to your project ideas. Through Listening our team of brilliant specialists will be able to offer you the best advice going forward. Customers are priority one! Send us you project ideas. Reach out to us and tell us what you have in mind. We’ll give it all of our attention.
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